Why MTI?

We are the most experienced hosted IVR provider in the industry. We're proactive. We test and test to see how technology advances will help our customers in their existing applications, ways user-interfaces might be improved, and how data and reporting might be affected. Testing, as well as research and development, occurs in the on-site lab, where out of the box thinking is highly encouraged.

We've created an atmosphere of creativity. From experience, MTI knows that endless possibilities arise when creative professionals are allowed to engage in the entire development process-from inception to implementation. We encourage our team to experiment with new software and hardware, and we strongly support ongoing education. The end result is a group of highly talented dedicated professionals and the most reliable infrastructure available for IVR services.

We're "future thinking." Our past accomplishments, while significant, provide only a framework on which we build the future. As every company has different needs, every IVR program developed is unique. MTI strategizes about the best way to incorporate its technologies into a client's existing system, complementing and improving on what is being done to ensure future successes. What results from this innovative process is an individualized, comprehensive program that uses MTI's leading-edge automated solutions to increase efficiency, quality, and ultimately, profits.

We do extraordinary things to satisfy our customers. This is our advantage, and it won't fade with time. Our people are empowered to take the initiative in many operational areas, and we never walk away from a problem until it's resolved. Our customers benefit from consistent, responsible, and trustworthy performance delivered by people who genuinely enjoy customer interaction.


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