Outbound IVR

Outbound IVR

Nothing is more important today in defining an outstanding customer relationship than outstanding service. And with outbound IVR, you can offer your customers that high touch, personalized value easily and inexpensively.  With a growing number of enterprises looking for innovative ways to cut costs and drive additional revenue, outbound IVR has become a critical part of many business strategies. Gone are the days of simple predictive dialers, outbound IVR is becoming increasingly sophisticated. As a result of the effective use of outbound IVR, consumers have become accustomed to receiving and benefiting from outbound calls. Market data shows that the use of automated solutions is on the rise. In our experience spanning a variety of industries, we see that when consumers receive automated calls from a well designed system, they overwhelmingly respond positively and are willing to engage with the system. 

At MTI, we don't just support outbound dialers, we also offer an API that allows customers to take advantage of our special call progress analysis algorithm. Call progress analysis (CPA) enables the detection of human voice and answering machine recording, so that you can deliver the appropriate message to the right contact--an interactive one for a person, a succinct informational one for the machine. This results in successful, targeted delivery and saves both time and money. 

The benefits of outbound IVR solutions go well beyond increased customer satisfaction. Automated contact solutions create gains in operational efficiencies that lead to labor savings, deflect inbound call volume from the contact center, and allow agents to focus on higher value activities. MTI has thousands of ports available for outbound dialing so outbound campaigns can be executed with high reliability in a short amount of time.

Here are some great ways to reach out and increase proactive customer contact.

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