Technology Overview

MTI believes that we should offer best-of-breed technology at every level of our IVR infrastructure. As a long-time provider of hosted IVR solutions, we are optimistic about the future of our industry. While the speech industry on a whole has remained relatively flat over the past several years, we have seen a definitive upward trend in the number of enterprises that are moving away from premise-based deployments and outsourcing their solutions. As more IVR equipment comes to end-of-life, enterprises are increasingly deciding that they don't want to repurchase new equipment and continue to manage it. The investment isn't worth the cost.

Because of our best-of-breed hosting platform, flexibility, and customer base, we're well positioned to benefit from this growing trend toward outsourcing. We also believe that as speech technology continues to improve and end users become more comfortable with using it, the need for enterprises to reduce customer service costs through self-service will continue to drive new adoption on a whole.

MTI's IVR technology provides customers with the best available technology from industry-leading providers such as Genesys and Nuance, all within a carrier-grade secure facility. Our VoiceXML compliant platforms have successfully handled millions of calls over the last seventeen years. We know what it takes to keep your IVR applications up and running.


Empower your voice and IVR applications with Message Technologies' expert IVR and VoiceXML hosting services.

"MTI helps us get to market quicker and lets us focus on our business without worrying about hosting."

- Peter White, Nuance